What is Eccentric Dance?

You’ve seen it in Chaplin’s Little Tramp and the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, Groucho’s twist kicks and John Cleese’s Ministry of Funny Walks, in Goofy, in the Moonwalk, and in Hip Hop. Eccentric Dance is a universal language, dating back to ancient pantomimic movement, that continues to entertain through visual storytelling. And when that movement is costumed in personality, comic in intent, flexible in execution, a parody of character, and poetry in motion, you have the Eccentric Dancer. This is the story of how movement became dance, and how dance became funny. This is The Choreography of Comedy and the Art of Eccentric Dance!

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Betsy is a born teacher and historian. I would love to see her enlighten the world once again to Eccentric Dance.
— Dr. Glorya Kaufman | Patron of Dance, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
Betsy Baytos is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the subjects of animation and eccentric dance. Unlike most experts, she has worked and excelled in those fields and is considered a major talent as an artist, animator, choreographer and historian. Aside from being incredibly talented, Betsy is as enthusiastic as she is knowledgeable. 

She has contributed in a variety of capacities to numerous projects here at Disney, most recently as the brilliant choreographer on the elegantly hand-drawn Princess and the Frog. There seems to be no limit to Betsy’s capacities, and anyone who has the good fortune and opportunity to work with her comes away singing her praises. I am a member of that choir.
— Howard Green | Vice President, Studio Communications, Walt Disney Animation