Betsy Baytos, Character Movement Consultant

“Make your brand come alive!”

No matter what the medium, your character IS your brand, and should be instantly recognizable through body language, the pose, how it walks, and moves. Choreography imprints your character with personality and character recognition, while expanding your story and product appeal in accordance with the design. I infuse my expertise in character movement to all my work as a designer, and as a  consultant, working with experts in every field, including Disney feature animation, Muppets, Faerietale Theatre, Ringling Bros., Cirque Du Soleil and Universal Studios Osaka. My character movement workshops bring me to museums, private coaching and the classroom at Cal Arts, UCLA, Disney Artists Development, Walker Arts Museum and Oxford University. Whether for campaign licensing, a character costume or sports mascot, motion capture or animation, physical theatre, live action or theme parks, I will make your characters dance!

Betsy Baytos is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the subjects of animation, dance, and more specifically, Eccentric Dance. Unlike most experts, however, she has worked and excelled in those fields and is considered a major talent as an artist, animator, choreographer and historian. Aside from being incredibly talented, Betsy is as enthusiastic as she is knowledgeable.

She has contributed in a variety of capacities to numerous projects here at Disney, most recently as the brilliant choreographer on the elegantly hand-drawn Princess and the Frog. There seems to be no limit to Betsy’s capacities, and anyone who has the good fortune and opportunity to work with her comes away singing her praises. I am a member of that choir.
— Howard Green | Vice President, Studio Communications, Walt Disney Animation
Betsy is a born teacher. I would love to see her teach the eccentric movement to dance teachers and students so they in turn can enlighten the world once again to Eccentric Dance.
— Dr. Glorya Kaufman | Patron of Dance, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
Betsy brings an unusual creative perspective to her teaching, through her expertise in Eccentric Dance, visual comedy and her years working as a Disney animator. As a guest lecturer for my Cal Arts stop motion performance class, Betsy screened vintage clips and instructed the students in rarely seen dance routines, inspiring my students how to apply exaggerated body language to create wonderful character movement. Betsy is a rare and unique talent.
— Stephen Chiodo | Director, The Chiodo Bros.
I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Betsy during Disney’s Princess and the Frog. Her entertaining choreography and unique walk cycles she provided for my Mama Odie character, was invaluable and indispensable to me.

Betsy’s historic research and knowledge are crucial to any animator today, teaching us to push farther and ‘dig a little deeper’ with our characters, in order to delight audiences in utterly unexpected ways.
— Andreas Dejas | Supervising Animator, Walt Disney Animation Studios